Friday, April 25, 2014

Sugar says hello to cordova ;-)

Sugar labs - award-winning Sugar Learning Platform has been around for years now creating wonders in lives of many little ones and young, providing them with a window to a new world to explore new things. This fabulous open source community consists of some really cool and hard working people at the back end, thinking continuously about as to how to make sugar better than ever before.So here props up another idea.. why not make a cordova framework for sugar platform as android, windows and ios have ?? The obvious question that now arises in someone's mind who isnt yet familiar with cordova or phonegap would be - how is that gonna help sugar ? Well, the answer is pretty simple.All the activities and the code for sugar is currently in python because thats the language the software was made in.With cordova, all the web developers can make activities in html,css and js while not bothering about interaction with the physical hardware devices like camera etc.. the cordova wrapper would do that for you.Here's a small video explaining what phonegap/cordova is.

The cordova framework from sugar idea comes from the consistent development that has been done on the sugar web frontier which helps us to run web activities in sugar seamlessly using API in between which enable communication between python and javascript.You can check more about sugar web and its underlying architecture here.On similar yet a different front we wish to design the cordova framework.

Here's a simple view of how we want our cordova framework to look like. Though we might need to modify a bit here and there as we proceed but the basic architecture would be the same.

For the initial tasks of the project, we have decided to first build on the basic layer of cordova through which we can compile and get a basic sugar web template running. Once thats through, we can then add plugins.