Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A quick update

This week's post is gonna be a bit short.I'll discuss what all we have explored and what we plan to do next.

So the previous week, as per the irc meeting, we  had decided to document up the things done and analyze what more we want to do. We had been focussing more on the code front till then but we decided to shift our focus to "thinking" for a week.So basically it was to analyze the different possible paths and define our goals in a better way and be sure of them.

I documented in details the code we have written, why we wrote that, mapping between what cordova wiki mentions and what we have done and what we need to do next. You can access it here.

So yesterday we discussed on irc the path we must now follow.For this week, we shall be focussing on cordova-cli and try to come up with the accelerometer plugin. As I dont have an xo currently with me, I would be simulating using a linux file.

Once the cordova-cli is done with we shall be able to convert a simple html page to a full blown .xo file which can be installed on the sugar. We hope to do this asap but currently we are facing a lot of issues to be resolved. Hope to get some results soon !

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