Sunday, June 1, 2014

An update of the week's progress

So its been a week to the previous post, and I wish to share what all we have experimented with and done during this time.

As discussed in the previous post, we were facing issues with the way cordova modules have been written and the way sugar web defines the js modules.So we need to convert the sugar web styled modules to that of cordova.For this we take the help of nodejs scripts which can do the interconversion between the two.At first we designed a script which was specific to env.js but we had to make it general so that other sugar web js files which have dependencies can also be converted to the cordova format.So we generalized the script.

Apart from this task, we ventured into the waters of cordova cli and found out how we can make the command like cordova platform add sugar and cordova build sugar work.So we have the cordova-cli repository here which takes care of the command line interface.But now the most of the code of cordova cli has been shifted to this repository named cordova-lib which has all the code for cordova api's.Here we have the parsers for the individual platform which perform the tasks when we give the cordova command.So to make our sugar platform work with the cordova cli we need to make something similar to that.

Now when we are almost through with the basic setup of cordova, so we decided to move ahead to look in for the features of cordova that can be replicated for sugar as well.We are currently studying the various plugins of cordova and trying to understand the complexity of each to implement on sugar.Soon we must be rolling over to the cordova plugin development for sugar ;)

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  1. It's great to hear that you guys are heading down this path. We are doing a similar thing but with a NodeJs server agnostic to the OS. I've seen your emails on the cordova dev list. I've made many of the same hurtles you're talking about making.. You should hit me up.